Las Vegas runners hope to go to the Olympics


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Las Vegas runners hope to go to the Olympics

By Beth Fisher. CREATED Feb 21, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- As the Olympics are wrapping up, we wanted to introduce you to some guys who hope to be there for the 2016 Summer Games.

When they get there, they'll have a local charity to thank. Vegas Running Connection is training and helping these athletes. Coach Jake Mazone says the athletes train twice a day. "Our charity has been able to provide them with running equipment, shoes, clothes."

These young men represent some of the best in our city. Some are in college. Others are competitors at their high schools. But now they've come together with a common goal, push each other to faster times and BIG dreams. Runner Frankie said, "When you have great distance runners training together you bring each other up. It's a brotherhood."

Frankie holds several records at Desert Oasis. In addition to training with his high school team, he trains with Vegas Running connection, hoping to reach a level that will attract college recruiters.

He's already got the attention of University of Nevada, Las Vegas' Al McDaniels, who coached world-class athletes for more than 20 years before retiring. Now, he's a big supporter of the Vegas Running Connection and says several of these young men have Olympic potential.

Runner Bosabose is one of them, "Our intention is to get in to the 2016 Olympic trials."

Bosabose and his cousin fled Congo to stay alive. Their lives were in danger because they look different from most Congonese. They stayed a short time in Kenya before coming here, "I came for better opportunities. Life chances. Life is a whole lot better in the U.S."

Part of that life now includes the Vegas Running Connection.

Coach Jake said, "One of our main reasons for doing this is for doing it for the Lord in a Christian manner. That is a key to success."

Other keys? Some training secrets, a good diet and a lot of rest.

Vegas Running Connection would like to build its own track near Boulder City where they can train. For now, they meet at various parks and train on the soft grass to avoid injury.

Beth Fisher

Beth Fisher

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