Welcome to PositivelyLV from Beth Fisher

Welcome to PositivelyLV from Beth Fisher

CREATED Feb 12, 2014

Hey friends! 

I'm so excited you've found this site! It's for people like you and me -- people who call this city home. People who know there is far more good news than bad. And now, all of that good news has it's own website. I think it's a genius idea. I wish I could take credit!

Since many of you watch me on Good Morning Las Vegas, you know I can be trusted. So trust me on this: You won't find crime, scandals, or nasty neighbors on this site. Nope. This is where the sweet stuff lives. Right here on Positvelylv.com. It's a site dedicated to all of the great people who make Las Vegas a better place to live. People like you!

So poke around, enjoy the site and remember to share it with your friends. Let me know what you think! Email me at beth@positivelylv.com.

Do Something Positive Today!

Beth Fisher