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Grill up Grimaldi's Pizza at home with special recipe

Grill up Grimaldi's Pizza at home with special recipe

By Rebecca Lewis. CREATED May 20, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- With the summer quickly approaching, local favorite Grimaldi's Pizza is already getting in the spirit.

They are sharing a special recipe for their grilled pizza. It's perfect for a backyard barbecue with friends and family.


Dough 8 ounces, Mozzarella, sliced 3.5 ounces, Pizza Sauce 3 ounces, Romano Cheese .5 tbsp., Oregano pinch, Black Pepper pinch, Basil, fresh 1 leaf, Sliced Pepperoni ½ cup, Onions ½ cup, Mushrooms ½ cup


• Heat Grill to 450 degrees. Using a gas grill set one half to medium low and  the other half to medium high. You will cook over the low half and use the hot half to generate more heat when you close the lid.

• Using tinfoil, create a pan to hold Sliced pepperoni, onions, mushrooms or any other toppings. Place on grill and stir every 2 minutes, until onions are translucent and toppings are cooked through

• Take Pizza dough and hand mold flat and round. Place directly on grill. Poke lightly all over with a fork. This will ensure a flat even crust.

• Allow to brown 3 to 5 minutes depending on the heat of the grill. and rotate pizza 90 degrees to cook evenly on all sides. Allow to cook for another minute. Using a spatula, flip pizza and repeat on other side. Clarify that you are going to be topping the cooked side.

• Place appropriate amount of sliced mozzarella, around the dough. Leave ½ inch space around the outer edge for crust.

• Using a dabbing motion spoon sauce over the cheese.

• Use tongs to sprinkle pepperoni, onion and mushrooms evenly over the pizza. 

• Sprinkle black pepper, oregano and grated cheese evenly over the entire pizza. Garnish with fresh basil. Use a pizza paddle or large spatula to remove from grill.

Of course if your try at cooking this pizza fails, you can always visit Grimaldi's Pizza at one of their many local locations.

Rebecca Lewis

Rebecca Lewis

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Rebecca Lewis is currently an Interactive Web Editor for and KTNV Mobile.