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DMV Dash Pass has arrived in Las Vegas

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DMV Dash Pass has arrived in Las Vegas

By Krista Hostetler. CREATED Sep 5, 2014

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has launched its new Dash Pass check-in system in the Las Vegas area.

The system is designed to revolutionize the DMV experience, according to agency officials.

Motorists can text, phone, or go online to place themselves in line at the DMV without being physically present. Dash Pass sends text updates or calls back with an estimated wait time. It then sends reminders and even tells the customers which window will serve them.

At the office, television monitors and a public address system announce the last four digits of the customer's phone number and the window where they will be served. DMV staff members check in customers who didn't join in advance.

Customers should visit the DMV website at for texting info and other details. Dash Pass is based on text messages or phone calls. There is nothing to download.