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Aloe vera juice becoming more popular among celebrities


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Aloe vera juice becoming more popular among celebrities

By Krista Hostetler. CREATED Aug 8, 2014

Aloe vera in a glass has become one of the hottest health trends among celebrities.

It's no longer just being slathered on. People are actually guzzling it down.

Nikki Minaj said she drinks it to keep a clear complexion, and Alicia Keys said she loves to add it to her drinks.

"Aloe vera juice is a source of of vitamin A and vitamin C which is essential for healthy skin. Increasingly, people are using it as a beverage. Basically for skin benefits, digestive benefits and other benefits as well," said Nutritionist Lisa Drayer.

But calorie counters beware. Some of the juices are high in sugar.

Experts said it's best to keep your aloe vera juicing to a minimum. They said it can lead to blood thinning, while others said there's no scientific proof on how safe it is.

Krista Hostetler

Krista Hostetler

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Krista Hostetler is the Senior Web Editor for and KTNV Mobile.