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World Cup TV analyst does segment, apparently without pants

Apr 16, 2014; Atlanta, GA, USA; Former MLS player Alexi Lalas speaks during the announcement of an MLS expansion team in Atlanta. The event was held at Ventanas. Image by Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

World Cup TV analyst does segment, apparently without pants

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Jun 9, 2014

Knowing your subject matter and communication skills are a requirement in live television coverage.

Apparently, wearing pants isn't.

ESPN's Alexi Lalas, a World Cup commentator for the network, was doing coverage with a glass background behind him.

That glass background reflected what looked to be someone's bare legs in the background. 

There is no complete confirmation yet that it is Lalas' legs we see in that background, but we can tell it's someone behind the broadcast desk ... probably Lalas, based on the reflection.

Lalas, a former USA World Cup star himself, has gone the entertainment route by helping release a Team USA country song.

Jay Sorgi

Jay Sorgi

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Jay Sorgi, a lifelong sports fanatic, is an editor for He's also a reporter for 620WTMJ and the Packers Radio Network.