Wild turkey crashes into Tennessee home


Wild turkey crashes into Tennessee home

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED Mar 1, 2014

Most people have seen or even heard birds flying into windows, but a Cookeville, Tenn., family is still cleaning up from a very strange delivery that landed on their front door, as Nashville’s NewsChannel 5 reports.

Lisa Maxwell called home after work Thursday, just to see if everything was ok.
"The kids said, hey Mom, a bird hit our door! I was like, ‘Ok whatever, I don't have time for that,’” she said. "They were like, ‘No, you don't understand. Big Bird took down our door!'"
Maxwell said her son was watching TV when he heard the front door explode.
"He thought that someone had shot our door out," Maxwell said.
Turns out it was actually a wild turkey that tried to fly through their front glass storm door.
"Or he saw himself and thought that it was another bird and he tried to attack. Boy did he attack," Maxwell said.
Either way, it shattered the door, bent its frame and knocked their porch light down.
Her neighborhood gets all kinds of wildlife, but never like this.
"We've been here 32 years and I've never seen any destruction other than the deer eat the flowers on occasion and things like that," said neighbor Buddy Spence.
The Maxwells aren't sure how much this is going to cost. On Friday, as soon as an insurance agent finished an estimate, they planned to get the turkey off their front porch for good.
"So we will now have a giant bird buried in our backyard," she said. This despite the fact that a 35 pound Thanksgiving meal somehow delivered itself.
Maxwell said her kids have a fear of birds that they've never had before.
"We'll always remember the day that big bird flew through our front door," Maxwell added.
Phyllis Stark

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