Waitress eats cockroach in diner’s salad


Waitress eats cockroach in diner’s salad

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED Jul 21, 2014

You seriously don’t want to be snacking when you read this.

After a diner found a little extra protein in his salad—in the form of a cockroach—at a restaurant in China’s Sichuan province, he called the waitress over to complain.
Nope, we haven’t gotten to the gross-out part yet.
The waitress reportedly told diner Zhang Yen, “It’s only a cockroach … No matter which restaurant you go to, you will always find cockroaches in the food. It is very normal."
If it was really so “normal,” the customer challenged, why didn’t she just eat it.
That’s when the 39-year-old waitress picked up the roach, popped it in her mouth and chewed.
U.K. newspaper Metro reports, “Zhang then paid his bill and left the eatery in disbelief.”
AOL reports, “The owner of the Jinsha Era Plaza hotel restaurant in Chengdu, where the incident took place, has since apologized, explaining that the roach probably crawled in from outside.”
Ya think?
The owner also said that the server, Jin Kuo, has been given a pay cut.
Phyllis Stark

Phyllis Stark

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