Surveillance video shows clear images of Bally's Las Vegas nightclub shooting

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Surveillance video shows clear images of Bally's Las Vegas nightclub shooting

By Spencer Lubitz. CREATED Dec 11, 2013

**WARNING: The images in the video posted above are very violent**

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The surveillance video of a nightclub shooting in Las Vegas has been released.

Three men were shot; one of them was killed when a gunman opened fire inside Drai's After Hours nightclub at Bally's Las Vegas.

The quality of the video is remarkably clear, but a warning to those who watch: The images are very violent.

During the grand jury indictment hearing, prosecutors said the video shows exactly why the accused gunman should be convicted of murder.

According to Las Vegas police, on Monday, Oct. 21 around 5:30 a.m., suspect Benjamin Frazier started a fight with doorman Robert Farias. He demanded a refund of his $30 cover charge.

The video then shows Frazier pulling out a gun as he throws Farias to the ground. Farias backs away from Frazier and his .38-caliber Smith & Wesson, when a second security guard, Anthony Guerrero, opens the door.

Police said that's when Frazier shoots Farias, then shoots Guerrero as he tries to run.

Both men survived the shooting.

Another camera then catches Frazier walking through the Bally's lobby, while others duck and hide. Police said Frazier began pointing his gun randomly in the lobby when Ken Brown, a club patron, runs up from behind, tackling Frazier from the side, wrestling him to the ground.

The gun appears to go off again, while the two men were on the ground. Police said Frazier shot brown twice; once in the upper chest and once in the neck.

Ken Brown died on the lobby floor just moments later.

Police said Frazier hit his head. His lawyer said the injury caused Frazier to lose his memory of the incident.