Husband kills sick wife over her soiled diapers


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Husband kills sick wife over her soiled diapers

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Jun 2, 2014

An Enfield, Conn., husband is now facing first-degree manslaughter charges in the death of his helpless wife. John Dewees Jr., 49, was the sole caregiver of his sick wife, Anja, 45, stricken with liver disease for an estimated four years.

A neighbor called police on May 22 after Dewees allegedly confided in the unidentified man that his wife was dead. Anja was found by police wrapped in plastic on the couple's bedroom floor. She had died a few days prior to the officers' discovery.

The husband "told police that on May 20, he went to give her a bath and that she hit her head on the back of the tub as he put her in," reports The Courant. "He thought she was knocked out because her eyes were closed, and initially said he didn't see any other sign of an injury but later said he saw blood, according to the warrant."

However, the man's story regarding his bedridden wife changed numerous times from the initial report.

"Police learned from the medical examiner that Anja Dewees had a large bruise in back of her head, blood coming from her right ear, a cut over her right eye and 'numerous bruises over the body,' according to the warrant," further reports The Courant.

According to The Courant, Dewees said "that he pushed Anja into the tub and that she fell onto her right side and struck the right side of her head," reads the husband's final "story" in the warrant. "He said he did it because he was tired of changing diapers every day."

Dewees also admitted that he'd punched Anja in the face while she was in the tub and elbowed her in the torso once he had brought her to bed. This attack also reportedly was not the first time that he'd punched her that day.

Honorably discharged from the U.S. Army, Dewees has worked in aircraft manufacturing for 25 years.

Dewees' bail has dropped from $250,000 to $175,000 and he is due in court on June 10. He is currently on suicide watch after he slashed his wrists, further adds The Courant.

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