Falling toddler saved by mattress in California


Falling toddler saved by mattress in California

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED Mar 19, 2014

An extraordinary series of events led to the dramatic rescue of a Burbank, Calif., toddler on Sunday afternoon after he fell from a window.

According to a timeline of events outlined by MyBurbank.com, Burbank Police received a 911 call about a baby hanging out of a second or third-story window. Minutes later, they received another call that the baby had fallen and become entangled in some phone lines under the window.
Before police were dispatched, a couple moving into a new apartment on the street spotted the three-year-old boy as he was, at first, throwing his stuffed toys out the window. As they yelled to him to stop, the child climbed out the open window to retrieve his toys, and immediately fell.
The couple, Konrad and Jennifer Lightner, happened to be carrying a mattress as part of their move, and quickly positioned it under the child. After breaking free of the phone lines, the child actually fell into the waiting arms of Konrad, who then lowered the boy to the mattress.
The child’s parents, “who were in another part of the apartment, heard the commotion outside and went running downstairs,” reports MyBurbank.
The baby was transported to a local hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries.
View photos of the incident in the media player above.
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