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Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner plans to open New York restaurant


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Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner plans to open New York restaurant

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Aug 10, 2014

Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner may not have made the cut as New York's next mayor, however, he's hoping to serve his city in a new way with food. Weiner wants to open a restaurant in Rockaway, Queens. Weiner's political career was derailed by a sexting scandal.

From dirty text messages to, now, dirty dishes, "It's more than just opening a restaurant," Weiner explains to CNN. "We want to do something sustainable for the community, while also providing healthy, local food options for the Rockaway population."

The Rockaway Restoration Kitchen would provide a 13-week training program to mold employees into a staff capable of handling kitchen and serving skills, including "professional appearance and life skills" as well. The program is also targeted to unemployed residents who have a criminal record and have a hard time being hired, and those with health-related problems.

"It's ridiculous that these people are not able to find jobs because of one blemish on their records," Weiner further explains to CNN. "Our hope is to train people and give them skills to be able to go on and work in other restaurants. They'll be able to write on their resume that they worked at Rockaway Restoration Kitchen."

Weiner says that Rockaway is currently a "food desert" and in need of more diverse dining options after Hurricane Sandy devastated the town in 2012. He is currently seeking a full staff, with the hope that he can raise enough money to open the non-profit within the year.

Julianne Cassidy

Julianne Cassidy

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