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Xerox to present plans to fix problems with state health exchange


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Xerox to present plans to fix problems with state health exchange

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Feb 12, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The company behind the state's troubled health insurance exchange is vowing to fix problems with the system.

Xerox told Action News on Wednesday that it's making progress on Nevada Health Link. The company is set to present its plans to fix the website and call center at a board meeting for the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange on Thursday.

Through Skype, Action News asked the Connecticut company who's to blame for the problems.

"Placing blame I don't think is anything we should be looking at right now," said Karen Arena, vice president of global communications. "I think we should be looking at the future and making sure the people of the state get what they need."

Still, Arena acknowledged the problems and said the company wants to make the situation right.

"We hear you, we hear those frustrations," Arena said. "We're working very closely with the health link and state officials."

Just this week, Action News learned that some parts of the system still are not finished. The state insists that Xerox doesn't get paid until the work gets done. So far, roughly $10 million of the $72 million contract has been paid, according to the state.

The health link is also expected to announce Thursday that it's cutting its enrollment goals by more than half. The state initially hoped to enroll 118,000 people by the end of March; the new goal will be 50,000. As of Feb. 1, just under 15,000 people had purchased plans, according to the agency's Twitter account.

Health link director Jon Hager is also expected to talk about the website problems and the call center. Arena told Action News that hold times to reach a representative dramatically dropped this week as more staff members were added.