Users report more problems with new unemployment system


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Users report more problems with new unemployment system

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Nov 15, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Users are reporting more issues trying to file unemployment claims through the state's new online system.

The complaints are the latest in a series of problems surrounding the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation's new computer benefits system since it went live to the public during the first week of September.

"Online, I can't even log on," said Angelique Vela of Las Vegas. "I've had my password reset and I still can't get through."

Vela is trying to file a claim online. She said she was laid off in March and is looking for work.

"It's frustrating enough not having a job and having to file for unemployment," Vela said. "But then when I can't get my benefits, it's just kind of piles on."

The state is working through kinks with the new system. While some problems have been fixed, the unemployment office said it is now addressing at least two glitches. 

One problem surrounding the system's security protections impacted up to 5,000 accounts, DETR director Frank Woodbeck said. In that case, users whose information - like an address or name - is different now than what appeared in the old system ran into trouble filing their claims.

Action News asked Woodbeck what the state is doing to fix the problems.

"We're addressing them on an on-going basis," Woodbeck said. "We have our team in the IT department is always looking at where the problems lie and eliminating them one by one."

Despite the hiccups, Woodbeck said the new system is working. So far, roughly 38,000 people are registered to file weekly unemployment claims online and the new system has paid out roughly $108 million worth of claims, he said.

Woodbeck said the old computer system likely would have eventually crashed and needed to be replaced.

"The thing about any new computer system - is going to take some time to get it adjusted correctly," Woodbeck said.

The director said a new fix for the system is in the works and should be installed by next week. Woodbeck said the agency also plans to notify people who are impacted by the problems.