Property owner tired of waiting for building permit on unique home


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Property owner tired of waiting for building permit on unique home

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Jul 11, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A valley property owner wants to build a unique home but is still waiting on his building permit and wants to know why.

Timothy Brown plans to build an earth home on the east side of town near Los Feliz Street and Bonanza Road.

"It's something I've always wanted to do," Brown said.

Over the past 30 years, he's developed the vision and plans. Brown intends to transform a small hill into a 2,100 square foot earth home built into the ground. The location would offer a bird's eye view of the entire valley.

"You don't see too many earth homes of this particular type," Brown said.

But he's still waiting to break ground. Brown said he submitted plans to Clark County back in February to obtain a building permit. The county sent him letters over the past few months to say it's reviewing the application and needed more information for approval. Brown said he knew the process wouldn't be quick but the back and forth has lasted nearly five months.

"It's frustrating. It's really frustrating," Brown said.

He emailed Action News in hopes of getting some answers. Brown worries that the longer he waits, the more expensive the building materials will become.

"Why does it take five months instead of five weeks just because the roof is different," Brown said. "That's the only thing that's different on the whole structure."

We called Clark County to learn more.

County spokesman Dan Kulin said the project is unique and complex, which may be a factor in the timing. But Kulin said the county is the one left waiting on responses to some of its questions and requests from the applicant, in some cases up to 90 days. 

Brown said his team responds to the county as quickly as possible.

Kulin said the project still has an outstanding issue that needs to be addressed before approval. 

There are a few vacant positions in the county building department following some departures and retirements but that has not led to any major delays in reviewing plans, Kulin said.

County commissioner Chris Giunchigliani, whose district includes Brown's property, said she has not received any complaints about permit delays but would like to fill the vacant positions as the housing market starts to rebound.

Even though Brown is left waiting, he said he's not giving up on plans to build his dream home.