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Parents worried for child safety after city park is vandalized


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Parents worried for child safety after city park is vandalized

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Aug 21, 2014

North Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Some parents in North Las Vegas are expressing safety concerns after a city park was vandalized.

Caution tape surrounds part of the playground at Nature Discovery Park, near Aliante Parkway and the northern 215 beltway. Busted wooden planks hung down and a slide was closed off.

"I'm disappointed that no one has fixed this or done anything to help it," said park visitor Ryan Leavitt.

The city of North Las Vegas said vandals struck within the past week or so, damaging the playground and scratching up the inside of one of the big slides.

"At least the park officials who run this place could board it up or something," said Leavitt.

Some parents were worried that children could get cut by the hanging wood.

"The problem with that is it's hanging down so low that they could hit their head and they're not paying attention when they go through," said parent Cassandra Markovich.

Another parent with similar concerns emailed Action News.

We contacted the city. John Runicks, manager of infrastructure maintenance, said park vandalism has been an on-going problem. The city is making plans to fix the playground but he did not have a time frame. 

After Action News called, city crews showed up to remove the busted boards and put up fencing to keep kids away from the problem areas.

"The kids want to come here and have fun. The parents want to know they're safe," Markovich said.

Runicks asked the public to call the police if they spot vandalism. There's no cost estimate yet on the repairs. Runicks said the city has eight workers to oversee 33 parks under the tight budget conditions; he said the crews are doing their best to keep the parks in top shape.