Parents irked by school's new tardy policy


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Parents irked by school's new tardy policy

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Oct 10, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Parents are now facing consequences if their child shows up late to a valley school and some aren't too happy about it.

The new tardy policy at Western High School on Bonanza Road near Decatur Boulevard requires parents or guardians to show up the next day and sign in the student if the teens are late to class.

"To have to come down there the next day, it's not right," said Kelly McClanathan, who said the policy took effect this week.

McClanathan's son is a senior. The school marked him as late on Monday so she had to sign him in on Tuesday. Frustrated, she emailed Action News.

"I can see being late for first period and its our responsibility for first period but for second through seventh, that doesn't make sense," said McClanathan.

The school is making parents come in by the next day whether the student is late for the start of the school day or late to a class. If they don't show, they can expect a phone call from school and students must still attend class.

"This is ridiculous," said parent Juan Diaz.

Diaz said his daughter was late for school on Wednesday, which she blamed on the bus.

"Not fun at all because I had to get up and call my work. I had to be late cause I got something to do for my daughter," said Diaz.

The Clark County School District said the policy is meant, in part, to keep parents informed about their child's attendance and improve accountability. The goal: make students and parents responsible.

District spokeswoman Melinda Malone said the policy is also related to safety in making sure students are where they're supposed to be.

While parents we spoke with outside the school on Thursday didn't seem too thrilled about the change, the principal said not all parents feel that way.

"Our parents have been overwhelmingly supportive of the policy," said principal Neddy Alvarez in a statement. "While I understand that every parent may not be happy, we are always willing to discuss school rules with a student's parent or guardian."

The principal said the policy is new to Western but already in place at other schools around the district. 

The district did not have numbers on just how many students are showing up late but said it stands behind the policy.

"For other parents who have to work, and some of them have to be there by 7 o'clock, they're being late and to me that's not setting a good example," McClanathan said.