Nursing school suddenly closes leaving students with questions

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Nursing school suddenly closes leaving students with questions

By Loni Blandford. CREATED Oct 14, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Imagine trying to reinvent your career but your goal is derailed when your school suddenly shuts down. It happened to one Valley man who wonders where his tuition money went.

"I wasn't even making minimum wage," explained Eddie Hernandez.

That's when Eddie knew being a small business owner wasn't going to cut it. He had a change of heart and decided to train to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. So he enrolled at A Progressive Healthcare Training Center on Rainbow Boulevard near Westcliff.

"My younger sister went to this exact school, went through the five week course period, passed it. She got her CNA license and ended up now working in a hospital," explained Eddie.

Eager to hit the books, Eddie paid $1,400 cash for the course. During his first week of classes at the end of July everything was routine. But in the second week his small class of about 10 students got quite a surprise. 

"Right after lunch, [we] came back we're getting ready to start and go home didn't even get to finish that day," said Eddie.

Eddie hasn't been back at the school since and the school is now closed. According to a note we found taped to the inside of the window it says due to a recent issue which is out of our control the nursing assistant program has been put on hold. It says students signed up for upcoming courses will receive a refund but Eddie hasn't gotten his money back and he wants to know where his tuition went.

"How much more can everything else go wrong," said Eddie.

The paperwork Eddie signed mentions a refund policy but nothing about if the school suddenly closes. So what happened? Contact 13 learned the State Board of Nursing withdrew its approval of the center's program in mid-September. 

"It just feels like a waste of effort, energy, and time and money," said Eddie.

The College of Southern Nevada had an agreement with the Center to make sure their program was in line with state requirements. A CSN spokeswoman says 37 students completed the Center's program in May and June but that was a violation of their agreement because the Center didn't register the students or pay CSN.

CSN was able to help those students get certified so they could take the exam but a month or so later, the Center help more classes, including the one Eddie was in. Since CSN no longer worked with the Center, they can't help Eddie or any of his classmates get even partial credit.

"You want to scream, you want to do everything else, you want to yell but at the end of everything it didn't help me at the moment," said Eddie.

Eddie isn't the only one looking to get his money back. CSN says the Center owes them more than $90,000.

Phone numbers for the Center are now disconnected. We did send an email to the address listed on the sign on the door but never heard back. Eddie is going to start classes at CSN soon to get back on track. Since he paid cash, he basically has no recourse. We know the frustration he went through trying to figure out who he should report it to because multiple state agencies we contact kept telling us to call another agency who then referred us back to the original agency. We'll keep trying to get more information.