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New traffic signals planned near water park as community grows


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New traffic signals planned near water park as community grows

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Dec 12, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- First, a new water park. Now, new homes are joining a growing community around the area of Fort Apache Road and Warm Springs Road.

Neighbors said the changes are leading to an increase in traffic and want to know what's being done to keep up with the pace.

"It just keeps on coming and keeps on coming," neighbor Alice Lillie said of the traffic on Fort Apache.

Lillie has lived in the area for about five years. She's watched the area grow: the new Wet 'N Wild water park opened last summer and several new housing developments are under construction.

The most recent traffic count on Fort Apache at the intersection with Warm Springs conducted in April totaled 17,000 cars in a 24-hour-period, Clark County spokesman Dan Kulin said.

"They really do need to do something about this," Lillie said, who emailed Action News concerned about the impact on area roads.

Changes are in the works.

The county said four new traffic signals are planned for the area, including one at Fort Apache and Arby Avenue, which is also an entrance to the water park. 

The other signals are planned for Fort Apache and Maule Avenue, Fort Apache and Warm Springs Road and Fort Apache and Huntington Cove Parkway, Kulin said.

"Safety is always paramount," said county commissioner Susan Brager. "We need to make sure people can get where they're going and get back in a safe manner."

Brager said she fielded many complaints from upset neighbors after visitors rushed to the water park last summer and parked in residential neighborhoods. She said traffic signals won't solve the area's traffic woes, but could improve safety.

Wet 'N Wild is closed for the off season. The water park said it plans to work with the county and police on traffic matters when it reopens in 2014. 

"Our team is currently evaluating our first season and its successes and suggestions by our guests," the water park said in a statement.

Wet 'N Wild said it plans to hire police officers to assist with traffic control and use two parking lots to keep visitors out of nearby residential neighborhoods.

Kulin said the county will install the signals at Maule Avenue and Warm Springs Road. Both projects are currently in design and the lights could be up by the end of next year, he said.

It's unclear when the other two signals could be installed.

"This has been building up really, really fast and they really do need to be on top of things with the traffic," said Lillie.