Neighbors tired of waiting for vandalized mailbox to get fixed


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Neighbors tired of waiting for vandalized mailbox to get fixed

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Jan 10, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Neighbors in the northwest part of the Valley are fed up waiting for their vandalized mailbox to get fixed.

"It's very scary because you get credit card statements, you get personal stuff through the mail," said neighbor Michaela Punsalon.

The doors on the box are left open. Neighbors said it wasn't the box owners but vandals who left the box in this condition in the middle of December. The box serves more than a dozen homes on Cactus Canyon Court near Vegas Drive and Buffalo Drive.

"It's just a really big inconvenience that we have to go wait every day 30 to 45 minutes at the post office just to get our mail," said Jeffrey Jugo.

At this point, U.S. postal inspectors said there are no complaints of stolen mail but it's hard to tell for sure if anything was taken.

"I mean it's been a month since it's been broken into and they still haven't done anything about it," said Jugo.

Frustrated, his family turned to Action News. Other neighbors want answers too.

"I went to the post office and they couldn't give me an answer," Punsalon said.

The stand includes 16 mailboxes; while the doors of only six are open, the post office said it stops delivery to all of the boxes for security.

"I'm sure they want their mail to be secure so we don't want to put it in a box that has been vandalized and cannot be locked properly," said postal inspector Vicki Leonard.

The postal service said replacing the box can cost up to $500. The incident happened around the holidays, a busy season for deliveries, which is likely why neighbors were left waiting.

Action News asked what it will take to get the box repaired or replaced.

"I have checked with the maintenance supervisor and she has assured me that the boxes are going to get replaced by Monday, close of business," Leonard said.

While the doors on the boxes were locked, someone was still able to get in. The postal service recommends collecting your mail as soon as possible; don't let it sit.

Neighbors are eagerly awaiting the return of their mail.

"Just to get it fixed, that's all," Jugo said.