More problems as Nevada Health Link special enrollment reaches midpoint


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More problems as Nevada Health Link special enrollment reaches midpoint

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Apr 28, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- We're nearing the halfway point in the special enrollment period for Nevada Health Link and some customers are still reporting problems.

The state's health insurance exchange has come under fire for system glitches. 

Ward Stormer of Las Vegas has trouble with his vision because of an eye condition.

"Without treatment, my condition will get worse," said Stormer.

He needs health insurance, which he hopes will also cover his eye treatments.

"My vision's getting worse by the day and I need to go to the doctor," Stormer said.

Stormer is on disability. He thought he may have qualified for Medicaid but his application was denied. Stormer now wants to purchase a regular health insurance plan but said he is stuck in the system and can't finish the process.

"All they need to do is delete the Medicaid policy and let me pick one that I qualify for. It's a very simple thing," Stormer said.

Stormer said representatives at the call center couldn't help him.

For months, angry customers have turned to Action News after running into problems with the system. The state board overseeing the exchange has approved a special enrollment period to give people who had trouble more time to sign up, as long as they attempted to enroll before March 31.

The latest enrollment numbers from April 19 show 32,365 consumers have purchased plans, according to the health link's Twitter feed. The special enrollment deadline is May 30.

Stormer said it's easy to see that there are still problems with the system.

"Get your act together guys," Stormer said. "I'm going blind over here."

Nevada Health Link spokesman CJ Bawden said customers experiencing Stormer's problem should be able to reenter their information, leading to a new eligibility determination and allowing them to pick a plan. Stormer said that didn't work. Action News is working to put Stormer in touch with someone who may be able to help him.

Meanwhile, the state board is set to meet on Wednesday and review an assessment from Deloitte concerning problems with the system.