Lawsuit launched for uninsured people with life-threatening illness


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Lawsuit launched for uninsured people with life-threatening illness

By Jacqui Heinrich. CREATED May 14, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The attorney who is already suing the state, the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, and Xerox in a class action suit is taking on a new case.

Attorney Matthew Callister has launched a lawsuit for people with life-threatening illness who need coverage immediately, and can't wait for a class action suit to go through the court system.

There are three plaintiffs in the new suit, each is suffering from a deadly condition. Callister said he's spoken with about 10 people in similar situations, but believes there are more out there. "The bottom line is we need some urgent, urgent action by the Nevada judiciary in the absence of action by the Board of Examiners," Callister said.

Callister is asking for immediate coverage for people like Aubry Domeikis, one of the plaintiffs in the suit. She needs daily blood infusions while doctors try to figure out if the bone infection that's wracking her body is cancer.

Action News first reported on Domeikis two weeks ago, and since then her broker said she got a call from the insurance company promising coverage, but because of more glitches in the system, had not been covered up to Wednesday.

Xerox explained the situation to Action News, saying there was a problem processing Domekis' payment to get her into a new insurance plan after she was incorrectly enrolled in, then dropped from, her Medicaid plan.

Xerox representative Jennifer Wasmer told Action News, "Xerox recently experienced a temporary delay in transferring files and payments to the carriers. We deployed a specialized team of IT and financial experts to identify and address the issue, and we worked with a tremendous sense of urgency so as many Nevadans as possible can get access to health care through Nevada Health Link."

After help from Governor Sandoval's office, Domekis finally received coverage late Wednesday after weeks of paying for life-saving infusions out of pocket, totaling thousands of dollars.

Tyler Klimas, press secretary at the Governor's office, wrote to Action News, "The delay in her coverage and the hardship it created was completely unacceptable. The governor will continue to hold Xerox accountable and make sure they fulfill their obligation to the people of Nevada."

As of now, the two other plaintiffs in Callister's suit have not received similar help, and continue to battle life-threatening health problems all the while struggling to get insurance.

Callister said he's asking for the state to expedite the process so lives like Aubry Domekis' can be saved.

Jacqui Heinrich

Jacqui Heinrich

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Jacqui Heinrich is currently an Emmy Award-winning anchor and reporter for Action News.