Gov't shutdown leads to questions about unemployment benefits


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Gov't shutdown leads to questions about unemployment benefits

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Oct 15, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The partial government shutdown is beginning to raise questions for thousands of Nevadans who rely on unemployment benefits.

Some are wondering if or when the funding might dry up if a shutdown isn't resolved.

Part of Nevada's unemployment program relies on federal funding. A report from the state budget office shows shows the state is using carry over funds to keep the benefits office running through the end of October.

But the employment department told Gov. Brian Sandoval last week that funding for staff that administers unemployment benefits could run out by next month. Reduced staff could disrupt benefit payments in November, even if there's still money to cover the actual benefits.

Some people could be left waiting for their money.

"You do nothing but worry," said Shelly Sjogre, who is looking for a job. "I have a grandson I'm supporting and I'm trying hard not to let him feel that there's no way to pay the bills."

The situation could quickly change if Congress acts. But late Tuesday, the House postponed a vote on a measure that may have reopened the government.