Frustration continues over state health exchange, new director pledges fixes


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Frustration continues over state health exchange, new director pledges fixes

By Victoria Spilabotte. CREATED Aug 15, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- With so many unanswered questions Donna Hastings finally reached out to Action News after months of getting nowhere signing up for health insurance. 

"It really affects you emotionally and physically in every way it's just horrendous," Donna Hastings said.

The Henderson resident uses the word "horrendous" to describe her experience with the Silver State Health Exchange, she even gets teary eyed talking about her frustrations. 

"Where do you go from here? What do you do? How do you get help? That's why we called you," Hastings said. 

According to Hastings, she's been making payments through Nevada Health Link's website since April and her latest bill is about $248. But when she went to use her insurance during a recent hospital visit, she said, the carrier Health Plan of Nevada had no record of her in their system.

"No rhyme, no reason, no insurance," Hastings said.

Her problem is the same issue hundreds if not thousands of Nevadans are dealing with. The new director addressed the problem at his first board meeting Thursday since taking over.

"We understand and we appreciate the human cost that is associated with every single issue that arises," executive director of the Silver State Health Exchange Bruce Gilbert said.

Gilbert committed to adding more staff to help tackle an array of issues.

In the past, the health exchange has blamed a computer communication glitch for lost information. Next week, the exchange is bringing in a third party company to take a closer look.

"That will actually help us do this member reconciliation and see where people are falling off," COO Shawna Derosse said. "Or where information may be getting lost in the system."

But for Hastings any resolution is too little too late. She's stuck with medical bills she's already paid out of pocket and it's unclear if she'll get reimbursed.