Fed up with 215 highway noise, neighbors demand sound wall


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Fed up with 215 highway noise, neighbors demand sound wall

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Feb 24, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Neighbors in the northwest valley who are upset over highway noise are making some noise of their own.

Some homeowners in Carson Ranch West near North Jones Boulevard and the 215 freeway said they have run into a wall trying to get a sound wall behind their community.

"We hear semi trucks, motorcycles. We always hear cars," said homeowner Curt McCoy.

Neighbors are fed up with the noise from the 215; they said they've heard enough.

"At night, sometimes it's difficult to sleep," McCoy said.

Clark County is upgrading a nearby section of the 215. There are two sound walls on the north side of the road; the walls serve as a barrier to nearby homes. But there's a roughly 300-foot gap between to the two wall segments leaving the neighborhood exposed to construction noise and traffic noise.

"I'm not really sure why the gap was left there," McCoy said.

McCoy said he's lived at his home for several years and watched the area grow. He said the neighborhood used to be different.

"Very quiet, very comfortable, nice place to be," McCoy said.

Neighbors claim the county promised them a wall. 

"I believe in the system that it could work," said HOA president Joe Fasanella. "You're less than 300 feet away from completing it."

The county installed the smaller wall closer to the intersection with Jones Boulevard in response to complaints about traffic lights entering nearby homes, said county spokesman Dan Kulin. 

A sound study found the area that includes the gap did not warrant a sound wall, Kulin said. Despite claims from neighbors, Kulin said the decision to not build a wall in the gap was not a money-saving move; filling the gap would cost an estimated $200,000, he said.

The county said it's open to reviewing neighbor's complaints. Kulin said the county has not completely ruled out a wall in the disputed area but there are currently no plans to build one either.

"Come and live here and listen to the noise and listen to the construction that's going on constantly," McCoy said.

Construction work is set to finish up around May but neighbors said that won't put the brakes on the traffic noise, or their problem.