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Exchange users still feeling fallout months after enrollment ends


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Exchange users still feeling fallout months after enrollment ends

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Aug 28, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Nevada Health Link is no stranger to problems but some customers are still feeling the fallout months after open enrollment ended.

Gary Curto's days are spent hiking the mountain and eating healthy. It's not so much about choice as it is about survival. He was diagnosed with diabetes this year.

"It was finally around the middle of July when I realized I was really, really sick," Curto said.

Curto is self-employed and uninsured. He said he tried to enroll through Nevada Health Link three times, beginning in November, but kept getting the dreaded error message.

"I think it's a shame that so many people are being bounced out of the system and really don't know where to turn," Curto said.

Curto said he gave up after he never heard back from a customer service representative. He doesn't blame his health condition on the exchange but things might be different if he was able to purchase insurance.

"I think I would've probably [sought] medical attention a lot earlier because I didn't have all the economic concerns," Curto said.

The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange fired developer Xerox over problems with the health link. Come the fall, the back side of the system will be run by the federal government.

Exchange spokesman Tyler Klimas said the transition to the federal system is on schedule to be ready by the beginning of the next open enrollment on Nov. 15.

Curto has found a doctor and turned his life around; now he hopes the health link can do the same.

"There are huge grey areas and cracks in this system, I think, that good people are falling through," Curto said.

Klimas said Xerox will stay on board through March 2015 for any qualifying life events that may happen until the end of this year.

The state and the developer are facing more legal troubles.

Las Vegas attorney Matthew Callister said he's filing a class action lawsuit against the exchange and Xerox for allegedly not paying broker commissions.