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Driver frustrated over timing of traffic signals


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Driver frustrated over timing of traffic signals

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Sep 3, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- No one likes waiting at red lights but a valley driver said he's frustrated with the timing of signals at one intersection near the Las Vegas Strip.

Benny Wilks lives in the southwest valley and commutes to work on the north end of the strip. He's tried a few different routes.

"Driving on the way to work is much more frustrating," Wilks said. "You expect it on the strip. It's just congested. There's only so much you can do."

But Wilks said driving different roads led to frustration over the timing of signals.

"It doesn't seem like they're synced up and it's just very frustrating driving through town," Wilks said.

One intersection really got on his nerves: Flamingo Road and Decatur Boulevard. Last week, Wilks said he was driving eastbound on Flamingo in the morning and sat at a red light in the left-hand turn lane for what felt like a minute without any on-oncoming traffic. That prompted him to email Action News and see if anything could be done.

"We'd save a lot of gas, we'd save a lot of time and we'd save on aggravation," Wilks said.

Action News timed the signals facing Flamingo traffic using a smart phone. We discovered the traffic heading westbound had the green light for about seven seconds longer than eastbound traffic. It's important to note that we visited the intersection around 12:30 p.m., later in the day than Wilks.

We reached out to the Regional Transportation Commission for some answers.

Spokeswoman Sue Christiansen said the intersection is one of the most complicated in the valley, in part because of its location near the strip. Roughly 98,000 cars travel through the intersection every day, she said. The RTC reviewed the intersection at our request and said the current timing is best. Adjusting the signals could make traffic flow worse, Christiansen said.

The RTC oversees about 1,300 traffic signals around the valley through its FAST program. The agency is updating its software and signal times to keep traffic moving. They're also working to expand use of the flashing yellow arrow program.

If you'd like the RTC to review the timing of one of their signals, you can email or call 702-432-5300. Providing the intersection, direction of travel, time of incident and frequency of the problem will help the agency investigate your request.