Brokers report more problems as health insurance deadline nears


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Brokers report more problems as health insurance deadline nears

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Mar 24, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- The deadline to purchase health insurance through the state exchange is just one week away but brokers are reporting more problems and frustrations.

"They fix one thing today but it creates three problems tomorrow," said broker Patrick Casale of North Las Vegas.

The clock is ticking for Nevada Health Link. Casale said the error messages are back in full force.

"Two weeks ago, I was enrolling people pretty easily. Right now, I'm back to square one," Casale said. "I can't get people taken care of properly."

The revised goal calls for 50,000 enrollments by March 31; 22,553 have paid for plans as of March 15, according to numbers from the exchange.

"If people haven't signed up for an April 1 effective date, I doubt they're going to be running to the office to sign up for May 1," said Casale.

Problems with the state exchange have dominated Casale's weekly radio show on KSHP-AM 1400. Health link interim executive director Steve Fisher seemed to share some of the frustrations on Monday's program.

"It seems like we take one step forward and then a half a step back," Fisher said.

The state board overseeing the exchange has approved a special enrollment period of 60 days, beginning April 1, for people who have run into trouble signing up. Those customers will need to attempt an enrollment before March 31.

"I have been experiencing a lot more error messages," said independent broker Mina Poon.

Poon said she has received numerous calls from potential customers ahead of next week's deadline but that's not necessarily translating into enrollments.

"I just tried to enroll a client last night. He got four error messages," Poon said. "He sat there for an hour and a half."

The state has yet to release details or guidelines for the special enrollment period.

Developer Xerox has faced heavy criticism for its performance on the site. An internal audit and outside assessment by Deloitte are under way. Xerox has set a goal to fix major system glitches by the end of March.