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Broken mailbox leads to frustration, questions from neighbors


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Broken mailbox leads to frustration, questions from neighbors

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Nov 5, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Some people living near the airport are fed up after going about a week without mail delivery.

Turns out, a broken community mailbox near Maryland Parkway and Wigwam Avenue was to blame. But neighbors want to know why it took that long to get the box fixed and what others should do if this happens in their neighborhood?

"I would think everyone expects when they come and get their mail it should be here," said neighbor Joan Bojorquez.

The Postal Service said the letter carrier's key broke inside the lock that opens all of the doors. Roughly 15 homes that receive letters at the box had to get those items from a nearby post office until the lock was replaced.

The box was fixed on Monday, about a week after the incident. Bojorquez said she complained twice to the local post office.

"Businesses need their mail," Bojorquez said. "I work out of my home for my business. I need my mail."

Neighbor Rob Hately was awaiting a new driver's license.

"It actually caused a problem because I had to go out of my way to the post office to get everything," Hately said.

The Postal Service works with an outside company to handle issues like broken locks, said acting customer relations coordinator Ralph Langevain.

The agency said it understands the frustration but needs to make sure the mail is secure, which is why the mail is held at the nearest post office. Langevain said the post office has to work with the contractor's schedule, and while it tries to address these issues quickly, ordering replacement parts can take time.

"It's kind of a surprise when it's empty because you always get something," Hately said.

Bojorquez said she turned to Action News so that other neighbors could learn from her experience.

"What do I do if I don't get mail? Where do I go?" Bojorquez asked.

Short answer: go to your post office. In this case, the letter carrier reported the problem. Langevain said if you spot damage to your post office, report it to the box owner immediately.

Bojorquez also pointed out that the box had a broken key stuck in one of the parcel lockers and there is graffiti on parts of the box. Action News reported those issues to the post office so they could look into them.