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Adult news rack moved away from valley bus stop


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Adult news rack moved away from valley bus stop

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Aug 29, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Action News is getting results for a mother who was angry about an adult news rack near her son's bus stop.

After our story on Wednesday, Clark County and the owner moved the box across the street from the stop.
"I know that they're still going to have access to the boxes, magazines, but it's not going to be that easy anymore," said Sara Pelayo.
Pelayo, whose son is 12, said the free, adult advertisements inside the container are too explicit for middle school students.
The bus stop at Craig Road and North Aviation Street in the northeast is new this year. The Clark County School District said it cannot control the placement of the boxes.
Action News was able to track down the owner of the box, Hillsboro Enterprises.
The company said it works with the county on the location of the news racks. After our story, the county and the company sent out a crew on Thursday to check out the location of the box. They decided to move the stand across the street, away from the bus stop.
"Thank you very much," said Pelayo. "Because of you, because of your help, this thing was moved out from right now. Now, the kids can get off the bus safely and they're not going to be wondering about these magazines."
Hillsboro spokeswoman Jo Cato released the following statement to Action News: "Hillsboro Enterprises works closely with Clark County to determine the placement of our racks, bus stops however, can change from year-to-year and in this case we were not notified. Both Hillsboro Enterprises and Clark County conducted a survey of the area this morning and the racks have since been relocated. Safety and the protection of our children is a top priority and we appreciate that this issue was brought to our attention."