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Sidewalk suddenly stops, forcing plaza patrons into the street

Sidewalk suddenly stops, forcing plaza patrons into the street

By Loni Blandford. CREATED Apr 1, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Sharing the road with drivers when you're in a wheelchair can make for a dangerous ride and one valley man wants to know why a lack of sidewalks is forcing him and others in his neighborhood into the street. 

"I didn't die in Vietnam but I might die right across the street from my house," explained Eddie Oloriz.

Eddie is always on the go, zipping around his neighborhood near Charleston and Essex Center in his motorized wheelchair. The Vietnam vet chose the area specifically because of all the stores nearby.

"All I have to do is just cross Charleston Boulevard," said Eddie.

While there's a crosswalk and a light there Eddie says the problem begins when you cross the street. The sidewalk just ends forcing Eddie and otters into the right hand turn lane to get to the plaza.

"I almost got hit twice. I've been yelled at, they gave me the finger," said Eddie. 

What he doesn't understand is why the sidewalk wasn't continued all the way down into the shopping center. Eddie cannot walk or drive through the rocks to avoid the traffic like others can. So he emailed Action News.

"I mean it's beautiful with the rocks and the leaves and the trees but it's dangerous for us," said Eddie.

Through the Clark County Assessor's website we found out Weingarten Realty owns The Westland Fair Shopping Center. We contacted them and sent them pictures of the problem.

As a result a communications director for the company says an American with Disabilities Act Compliance Consultant is coming out this week to survey the land. Weingarten Realty is going to work to resolve the issue once they get the consultant's recommendations.

"I'm talking for all the disabled on wheelchairs," said Eddie.

Weingarten says the sidewalks in front of the plaza were already there when they bought the center in 2001. They don't know who put them in. We're going to update you on what the ADA consultant recommends in the area.

We'd like to thank Eddie for emailing us. If you have something you would like us to look into send an email to Be sure to include your phone number.