Homeowners irked by Oakey Boulevard construction

Homeowners irked by Oakey Boulevard construction

By Michael Lopardi. CREATED Mar 20, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Some homeowners along Oakey Boulevard in Las Vegas said they were angry to wake up to construction crews working in front of their homes.

The crews are installing sidewalks to prepare for a planned repaving of Oakey. But neighbors said they got little notice of the project.

"To come in on the day they're going to do the work, not even come and talk to us about it or ask us what we're doing, it doesn't seem right," said homeowner Chris Coombs.

Coombs and other neighbors turned to Action News. They said they are concerned the work could damage their yards or landscaping and want to know why the sidewalks are asphalt, not concrete.

"As a worst case scenario, at least do it in concrete like it's supposed to be," said Coombs.

There are some patches of asphalt sidewalk on the north side of Oakey just east of Rancho, but none on the south side. Why install them now? Action News took that question to the city of Las Vegas.

The city is required by A.D.A. rules to install the sidewalks as part of a planned repaving of Oakey between Rainbow and Industrial, said city spokesman Jace Radke. In terms of notification, the city said it sent staff to speak with neighbors about the project. Radke said the sidewalks are in the public right-of-way. By using asphalt, the city is installing the sidewalks at no charge to the homeowners; concrete sidewalks could cost thousands of dollars and the price tag is passed along to homeowners, Radke said. The city will give homeowners the option of concrete, though they would have to cover the costs, Radke said.

"We were trying to fix up the front of the house to make it look nice," said Coombs.

Radke said crews would work with homeowners to limit disruptions to their property. In the end, the project is expected to take several months and make the road safer for pedestrians and drivers, Radke said.