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You Ask: What's taking so long to get a refund from a sports league?

You Ask: What's taking so long to get a refund from a sports league?

By Loni Blandford. CREATED Sep 26, 2011

North Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - Sports teams are a great way for kids to make new friends. But one Valley mom got quite a surprise right before the season started. Her son was left without a team and she was out money. She asked us to investigate why it's taking so long for the parents to get a refund.

"I love basketball," said Rize Simmons.

When Rize found out his mom signed him up to play basketball this fall, he was ecstatic.

"His dad loves sports so he is always watching sports with him on television," explained Hava Simmons, Rize's mom.

Hava got a great deal through the web site Living Social. So at the end of July she registered Rize with Diversity Youth Sports. She says registration was $62 plus $25 for a uniform. Rize knew exactly what would complement his outfit.

"Some Jordan high tops," explained Rize.

But in early September Hava got an email saying the season was cancelled because there weren't enough players. DYS mailed Hava a registration voucher for the uniform and to register to play another sport. Hava wasn't looking for a voucher she wanted her money back.

"At this point we feel like the lack of organization and so it's really important for us to just get the money back so that we can put him in another activity," said Hava.

So she started emailing and calling the 1-800 number for DYS but says the didn't get her very far.

"She gave me a different extension for management I left them a message, they never called back," said Hava.

That's when she emailed Action News. We called DYS and they told us it's their first season and they haven't run into this problem with any of their other programs. They say they don't usually give refunds. But after our call they agreed to mail Hava a check for what she paid for the uniform. They say the registration refund will have to be worked out with Living Social, since that's where she bought the deal.

"Our concern is that there's families out there where if they don't get this money back they can't put their kids in something else," said Hava.

Rize is lucky though because his mom already signed him up for something else.

"I can do hip hop class," said Rize.

Hava did get the check from DYS in the mail this weekend. We called Living Social who say they're going to credit Hava's card. Living Social says they're also touching base with DYS in case there's other parents out there like Hava.

We'd like to thank Hava for emailing us. If you have something you would like us to look into send an email to