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Eyesore Next Door: green pool infested with mosquitos

Eyesore Next Door: green pool infested with mosquitos

CREATED Jun 21, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Armed with bug spray, Benedeane Blake-White is fighting a losing battle.

"Just recently, the last couple weeks, we've been inundated with mosquitoes."

She couldn't figure out where they were coming from.

And after searching her backyard near Durango and Blue Diamond, she decided to peer over her next door neighbor's wall.

That's when she saw it...

"A nasty green pool and tiny baby little mosquitoes," says Blake-White.  "They were just everywhere."

Blake-White hasn't seen anyone living at the home for quite some time.

County records show it went into default back in 2009 and a new foreclosure notice was just posted on the front gate this week.

The notice shows more than $431,951.71 owed on the home.  It's now worth half that.

So now that the home is in foreclosure, who's responsible for the green pool?

"I called the HOA and they said it was the health district.  I reported it to Clark County Health District and haven't heard anything."

After hitting a brick wall, she turned to Action News for help.

"Usually Channel 13 gets action.  So I'm looking for action," says Blake-White.

After doing some digging, Action News found out the reason Blake-White hasn't heard back from the health district is that they no longer handle green pools or mosquito abatement.  That now falls to Clark County Code Enforcement.

They tell us that they are aware of the problem at this home and an investigator will be out to assess the situation soon.

"Well I'm patient. I've been very patient," says Blake-White.  "But I'm hoping that we'll get some action real soon."

Code enforcement tells us their first step is to contact whoever owns the home, be it a person or a bank, and they usually remedy the problem.

The next step would be for code enforcement to clean it up themselves and place a lien on the home.  That takes more time however, since it requires going to court and following due process.

We'll let you know how this case turns out.

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