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You Ask update: Group fights back after cars towed from downtown lot

You Ask update: Group fights back after cars towed from downtown lot

CREATED May 12, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - Outrage grows almost a week after dozens of people had their cars towed from the First Friday art event in downtown Las Vegas.

Home video recorded by local filmmaker Derek Stonebarger shows anger and confusion outside Tow Guys Friday night, when dozens of people were told it would cost $305 to get their cars back.

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"That was the money I had for food and rent," says Ana Carrilo.

Carrilo parked in the lot at Main and Imperial for First Friday. She says she didn't see any "No Parking" or "Private Property" signs posted.

An Action News photographer also went to the lot the very next morning on Saturday and didn't see any signs.

"I looked everywhere. We couldn't find anything. That's why we were puzzled and wondered who took our car," Carrilo says.

Her car was towed by Tow Guys and she claims it was damaged in the process.

"The cap on the tire rim and my antennae are gone," she describes. "And there are lots of scratches. When we went to pick it up, they didn't even want to really help or answer any questions. It was more like sign here, get your car, and get out of here."

Neil Gilfillan also parked in that lot Friday night and claims no signs were posted. He says he and others had to sign paperwork to authorize the tow.

"I don't know how we could authorize the towing of a vehicle that we weren't there to witness being towed to begin with," he says. "But we had to sign this in order to get it out of impound."

Action News went back to Tow Guys to try and get more information and were once again asked to leave.

But we were able to reach General Manager Clark Whitney on the phone. Whitney says getting signatures is proper protocol and anyone with possible damage to their vehicle can come back and file a claim.

As far as customers complaining that there were no signs posted in the lot, Whitney believes people ripped them down that night.

The frustrated car owners we spoke with deny doing that.

Many of them have now joined forces and are sharing their stories online. They've created a Facebook group called "Justice for the First Friday Great Tow Massacre."  They intend to get the justice they're looking for.

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The owner of the lot at Imperial and Main refused to comment.

The Nevada Transportation Authority, which oversees all towing companies in the state, says it has received two complaints from drivers who were towed that night. It plans to do a thorough investigation.