You Ask: Why is my HOA tearing down trees?

You Ask: Why is my HOA tearing down trees?

CREATED Jul 1, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) – An HOA is cutting down nearly 200 mature pine trees in one neighborhood, and residents are demanding to know why.

You asked, so we investigated.

Michael West, who contacted Action News, says the trees provide shade and a sound barrier off Jones, Lone Mountain, and Decatur.

He wanted us to investigate the HOA's claim that roots are creating a wreck.

"They haven't shown me any evidence that shows that these trees are destroying the walls."

Action News spoke with the HOA president and a board member, who showed us damaged walls and cracked sidewalks partly caused by rampant roots and partly caused by the developer they sued for planting the trees too close.

"This is close to one of 100 cracks," says Alta Mira HOA President Jim Abbinett. "After the attorneys got their money, I think we got right at about $1 million."

The money, ironically, will pay for more trees than Rancho Alta MIra has now.

The developer didn't meet City of Las Vegas code calling for 418 trees, and the city and the HOA compromised on putting in 250.

That doesn't satisfy Michael West.

"They're much more beautiful than a 24-inch box tree"

But the HOA says putting in younger trees now saves money in the long run.

"If we repair the walls and don't take out the part of the problems that's causing the walls to crack, then you're just going to be repairing walls year after year after year," Abbinett argues. "And that's silly."

Rancho Alta Mira's HOA will install mostly 24-inch box trees as tall as the repaired walls, and 25 smaller 15-gallon trees.

No word yet on when the trees will actually be removed; the city has to approve the re-landscaping plan. A meeting for this is set for February 14, with an Alta Mira HOA meeting scheduled for February 16.

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