Triple dose of Dirty Dining: Desserts, kabobs and more

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Triple dose of Dirty Dining: Desserts, kabobs and more

By Tricia Kean. CREATED Jun 11, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- When someone's preparing your food, you probably hope they have clean hands. Three different restaurants were recently cited for failing to do just that, and one spot was shut down.

This week, we have a triple serving of Dirty Dining.

Hand washing is important anywhere food is served. At Bambu Desserts & Drinks on West Spring Mountain, near Decatur, employees weren't following that rule.

The restaurant was shut down with 40 demerits. Usually it takes 41 demerits or more, but they were closed anyway.

Inspectors from the Southern Nevada Health District said none of the employees had a valid food handler's health card when they showed up.

The inspection report said one employee was actually using their bare hands to scoop shaved ice into a cup for a customer. Slime and black mold were also found on the ice machine, and they were cited for re-using single-use plastic spoons.

Action News stopped by Bambu to find out if these issues had been addressed, but the manager wasn't talking.

He put us in touch with the owner, who told Contact 13, "We would never serve something we weren't willing to eat ourselves."

The owner said he wants customers to know everything's been fixed and reinspected.

Also slapped with 40 demerits the very same day was Kabob 'N More on Las Vegas Boulevard and Convention Center Drive. They earned a C grade and were also cited for improper hand washing.

Inspectors observed one employee handling ready-to-eat food with their bare hands. There were a number of items not being kept at the right temperature including chicken, cheese and eggs. The ice machine and soda nozzles had mold-like build-up.

The owner didn't want to go on camera, but told Contact 13, "Restaurant is safe, clean and foods are being kept at the proper temperatures."

Finally, there's the adult community of Destinations at Oakey on Oakey and Valley View Boulevard. This spot isn't open to the public, but they've still got to follow the same rules as everyone else.

Inspectors slapped the location with a 40 demerit C grade after finding more hand washing violations. One food handler was caught working with dirty hands.

Soup and green beans were found at the wrong temperatures, and improper labels were on meat sauce and coleslaw.

Contact 13 stopped by, but management told us they had no comment.

Two other businesses were shut down, due to imminent health hazards.

Quality Food Service Truck No. 2 was closed with 19 demerits, for unsanitary conditions, and a lack of adequate refrigeration.

You may remember they made our Dirty Dining report back in February after it was shut down with 42 demerits.

La Huerta Market on Sahara and Eastern was closed with 14 demerits, for problems with their electrical service.

Bambu Desserts & Drinks, Kabob 'N More and Destinations Oakey have all cleaned up their acts, and are all operating now with A grades.

Full statement from Bambu Desserts & Drinks owner:

"No customer was ever in danger of getting sick. We would never serve something we weren't willing to eat ourselves. All the violations were fixed the very same day."

Full statement from Kabob 'N More owner:

"All the proper corrections were made by the next day after the inspection. We want customers to know our restaurant is safe, clean and foods are being kept at the proper temperatures."

Tricia Kean

Tricia Kean

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