Dirty Dining: Yun Nan Garden, Ichiban and Church's Chicken

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Dirty Dining: Yun Nan Garden, Ichiban and Church's Chicken

By Darcy Spears. CREATED Aug 13, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Dirty Dining is back in Chinatown with another closure. This time, Contact 13 caught the restaurant red-handed as they defied health district orders.

What we saw is a no-no. The health district's closure sign lying face down on a table where no one can see it.

Contact 13 took a photo of that on Aug. 5, the day after Yun Nan Garden on Schiff Drive in Chinatown was shut down with 47 demerits.

That's not how it looked on Aug. 4 when inspectors left, with the closure sign properly displayed in the front window.

But later that same day, a neighbor took cell phone video and shared it with the health district and Contact 13. The video shows a table full of people eating dinner, hours after they were ordered to shut down. When they saw us taking pictures, they quickly put the sign back up.

Health inspectors documented improper hand-washing. Various potentially hazardous foods were out of temperature in the kitchen, including cooked noodles, rice and raw eggs.

Bowls were stacked directly on top of cut cabbage and bean sprouts without barriers. They were washing dishes next to thawing raw meat. Also, the meat slicer had dried food debris in crevices.

The owner was unable to answer questions about their employee health policy, food safety or proper water temperature.

When we arrived to talk about the health report, no one came to greet us. We stood waiting and saw the owner peek out at us from behind the kitchen curtain.

After nearly 10 minutes, we decided to find out what's going on. An employee directed us to talk to the owner's friend, who went into the kitchen and returned five seconds later to say the owner is too busy.

"The person has no time to talk to me? Ok, can you ask if there's a better time for us to come back and do an interview with him?" Darcy Spears asked.

He said to leave a business card and said the owner will call, but he never did.

Moving on to some other closures: Church's Chicken at 4800 East Flamingo had three imminent health hazards, inadequate refrigeration, multiple roof leaks into food prep areas and pest infestation, both cockroaches and flies.

Ichiban at the Fashion Show mall was also infested with multigenerational cockroaches. Inspectors found them throughout the facility, which was closed for repeat critical and major violations.

El Pollo Mobile #2 was closed for lack of adequate refrigeration and failing to have a toilet facility available for food handlers.

New Jumbo Buffet at 1617 South Decatur saw its main kitchen shut down for lack of adequate refrigeration.

Yun Nan Garden faced no additional violations for failing to display the closure sign because health inspectors didn't see it with their own eyes. But they did talk about it in their supervisory conference. 

The health district also said the people eating in the restaurant after it was closed were family members, and the agency can't do anything about that. 

Yun Nan is back open with an A grade. So is El Pollo Mobile and Ichiban. 

Church's Chicken and New Jumbo Buffet's main kitchen are both still closed.

Darcy Spears

Darcy Spears

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Darcy Spears is currently the Chief Investigative Reporter for Action News.