Dirty Dining: Tea Station, HK Star and many more

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Dirty Dining: Tea Station, HK Star and many more

By Darcy Spears. CREATED Aug 27, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- Break out the pen and paper because you're going to want to take notes during this week's Dirty Dining.

There are 10 restaurants this week, all shut down by the health district. The highest demerits, 58 of them, went to Tea Station on Spring Mountain.

Inspectors shut it down after finding major problems with hand-washing, including an employee who handled raw meat and then cooked food.

Someone also washed their hands in the prep sink over cooked food.

How about some steak a la kitchen floor? A bucket of raw meat was stored on the ground. Chicken too, but at least that was covered.

Clean wares were stored under dirty water pipes. Inspectors also found boxed mangoes stored on a dirty mop bucket. The ice machine had quite a build-up of green slime.

Floors, walls, shelving, floor sinks and storage containers were excessively dirty.

"The health inspector come into here to check my restaurant. They find some problem," said Manager Ben Tang. 

He doesn't deny what inspectors wrote up. They found cockroaches, rusted faucets and blood leaking onto the bottom of the freezer.

"We change a lot," said Tang.

He showed us around the kitchen where they patched up cracked floor tiles, replaced faucets and floor drains and caulked to keep cockroaches out.

"Some people say all the Spring Mountain Chinese restaurants all is dirty. No. All the restaurants want to keep clean. All the restaurants want to give the good food."

Tea Station was back open the next day with an A grade.

The long list of imminent health hazard closures begins with HK Star Cantonese Restaurant on South Jones.

It was closed with 50 demerits after inspectors found an absolutely filthy kitchen and cockroaches in the food. The place was infested with multi-generational roaches which were breeding between tables pushed together. The health district usually only takes still pictures, but this place was so bad, inspectors took video of roaches running around the kitchen.

Jasmine Express on Camino al Norte in North Las Vegas was shut down with 50 demerits for problems with their water, multiple foods at unsafe temperatures and cockroaches. Get this, the restaurant operator had to be taken away by ambulance after suffering a nervous breakdown during the inspection.

Three food trucks were taken off the streets for lack of adequate refrigeration.

Carefree Catering Truck #35, which was also caught re-using sausage, potatoes, bacon and pork that were held over from the previous day.

El Buen Taco Truck #2 and Kenia's Catering Truck #2. Both businesses are Dirty Dining repeat offenders.

China Star Super Buffet on West Charleston was shut down for repeat critical and major violations.

Long John Silver's & A&W on East Lake Mead had to close after inspectors found multiple water leaks over food areas.

Villa Pizza and Panda Express, both at the Meadows Mall, were shut down after health inspectors found them operating without electricity.

All the restaurants are back open with A grades. HK Star failed its first re-inspection, but passed the second one and reopened with an A on Wednesday morning.

Darcy Spears

Darcy Spears

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Darcy Spears is currently the Chief Investigative Reporter for Action News.