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Dirty Dining: Mr. Sandwich & Dulce Donuts

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Dirty Dining: Mr. Sandwich & Dulce Donuts

By Darcy Spears. CREATED Jan 29, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A sandwich shop that can't seem to stay clean, and donuts that come with a stinging surprise. It's time for Dirty Dining with Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears.

Mr. Sandwich made its Dirty Dining debut just three months ago with a 34-demerit "C" grade.

This time, the health district found 40 reasons to write them up, leaving the eatery on Maryland Parkway across from UNLV one demerit shy of shutdown at their Jan. 15 inspection.

Owner Dan Nguyen said he'll talk to us if we step outside the restaurant so as not to "freak out" his customers.

Darcy Spears: What's going on? Why do you keep having trouble with the Health District?
Dan Nguyen: Basically because we have an issue with a manager here.

The manager? His wife.

"Me and my wife was fighting a lot so I left. Anytime I left, there's a problem."

He said they're working together now so he's here all day, every day.

When he wasn't there, inspectors found bean sprouts, shrimp and rice at unsafe temperatures. Employees not using soap when they washed their hands. Old, dried food debris on the mixer and utensils.

Darcy: You look at the picture and it hadn't been cleaned in a little while.
Dan: Actually, they're cleaned daily. They clean every time but they hadn't got to the detailed cleaning, but I made sure those got a detailed cleaning.

Lots of food was uncovered and exposed to potential contamination.

Cooked pork, soup and raw fish were in the cooler with no date labels.

Darcy: So they don't know when it was made or if it's expired.  Who's responsible for that?
Dan: That is one person in the back and he blame it on he's too busy.
Darcy: That can't be OK with you.
Dan: No, it's not, it's not.

They were using milk crates as storage racks and storing food equipment directly on the floor.

And they obviously know there's a pest problem, because they've got a can of raid in the kitchen. Household pesticides are not permitted in restaurants.

"Since last time it happened, I was here all day. I was here all day, every day, so everything has been changed," Nguyen said.

Actually, everything hadn't changed when inspectors came back on Tuesday.

Mr. Sandwich failed re-inspection for repeat violations and was shut down.

We've got one imminent health hazard closure to talk about.

If you ate at Dulce Donuts around Jan. 18, your sweet treat might have delivered a sting.

The bakery on Decatur and Washington was shut down by the Health District to due "gross unsanitary conditions" in the form of a pest infestation.

While that usually means roaches, in this case it was bees.

Inspectors found about ten live bees and up to 100 dead ones in the kitchen.

Some were landing on open food and one was in the donut case.

The health district shut them down and ordered them to hire a commercial pest control service.

The third time was a charm for Mr. Sandwich. 

Health inspectors were back there Wednesday morning, and they were able to reopen with an "A" grade. 

Dulce Donuts has also reopened with an "A."

Darcy Spears

Darcy Spears

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Darcy Spears is currently the Chief Investigative Reporter for Action News.