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Flame Kabob receives 2nd C grade this year

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Flame Kabob receives 2nd C grade this year

By Darcy Spears. CREATED Dec 20, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It's Christmas Day and Contact 13 has the restaurants on the Health District's naughty list.

"It's a little bit of a tight space," says Flame Kabob Owner, Dez, as he takes Contact 13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears on a tour of the small kitchen that serves his Maryland Parkway restaurant.

The Persian eatery across from UNLV got a 39-demerit "C" grade from the Southern Nevada Health District at its December 12 inspection.

"It's your second C grade this year," Darcy Spears points out.

Dez attributes that to changes in the Health District's rules and regulations.

"And they've gotten a lot more strict on ethnic restaurants," he says.

Inspectors found uncovered food in the fridge, hooks used for bread in the oven being stored on the mop sink, and a trash can being used to hold a tray during dough prep.

Darcy: Not a sanitary place to prepare bread.  Why would that have happened?
Dez: I'm not sure.  One of my employees must have messed up, I mean, it does actually raise some concerns for me also.

But he claims the dough never touched the trash.

Dez: And my employee never touched the trash can, I believe.
Darcy: You hope.
Dez: "I hope. I will suggest he never did or he will lose his job," he laughs.

There was also an open box of vegetables stored on the floor, 11-day old green sauce, a six-day-old gyro meat.

"The gyro meat is already pre-cooked," Dez explains.  "That could have been from six days ago, correct, but we usually go through everything so fast it doesn't stay."

They don't go through everything fast. Inspectors found several expired boxes of soda syrup in use--one of which dated back to October.

"Those have been changed," says Dez.  "Those were my mistake, personally.  I'll take that."

Kitchen utensils and equipment were being improperly washed. So were employees' hands. And get this: inspectors found a cutting board with dried blood on it being used for dough prep.

Darcy: There's a picture of it.  That is so un-appetizing.
Dez: It looks like dried blood and we have sat with the Health Department and we have talked about it.  It's actually saffron.

He says even so, they threw the cutting board away.

Darcy: What about your "C" grade?  Where is it?  We weren't able to find it posted anywhere.
Dez: My "C" grade is supposed to be right here, but...

He finds it lying face down, and props it back up.

When we look in the fridge, we find that same green sauce dated Dec. 1.

Darcy: That's the same label that the Health District took a picture of.

Dez checks to see if there's another date label, the says, "Right, I guess we missed that.  That label needs to be changed.  We make the sauce every day."

Dez says they've gone through more training and they're working closely with the Health District.

Moving on to Sopes y Tacos El Canelo--a seasonal cart outside Adobe's Mexican restaurant on North Mojave.

The cart was considered an imminent health hazard and shut down after inspectors found it had no water, and the employee cooking and serving from it had no way to wash his hands.

Flame Kabob still has a "C" grade.  Dez told Contact 13 he paid the fee, but is waiting until after the holidays to get re-inspected. 

Sopes y Tacos El Canelo is back open with a zero-demerit "A."

Darcy Spears

Darcy Spears

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Darcy Spears is currently the Chief Investigative Reporter for Action News.