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Dirty Dining: Cafe Noodle & Chinese Barbecue

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Dirty Dining: Cafe Noodle & Chinese Barbecue

By Darcy Spears. CREATED Sep 3, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- You might think you're having Dirty Dining deja vu but read closely.

Contact 13 returns to the same Chinatown strip mall as last week, but we visit a different restaurant the health district shut down not once, but twice.

Pork intestines and pork balls. Those are just two things inspectors found in the temperature danger zone at Cafe Noodle & Chinese Barbecue on Spring Mountain.

"We cannot pass the inspection so it's shut two days," said owner Karen Choy.

The first closure came after inspectors found potentially hazardous foods not properly cooled including duck, noodles and chicken.

There was uncovered meat in the freezer, slime and stains in the ice machine and food stored on the floor.

As for the eggs, tofu, chicken and other foods at unsafe temperatures, Choy said inspectors caught them during the lunch rush, "When they running you can't check every time, you know?"

Inspectors also saw improper hand-washing including someone not washing hands after handling raw chicken.

"Yeah, we work on education them, you know, keep them to doing more often, you know, have to do it," Choy said with a laugh.

The men's restroom was described as dirty and stinky. Freezer racks, kitchen wares and appliances were dirty.

"Some of those pictures of the floor, it looks like no one had cleaned in a really long time," said Darcy Spears.

"Actually, we cleaning the kitchen every night. We hired two people to clean after we close," said Choy.

But three days after they first closed, Cafe Noodle failed re-inspection due to repeat critical and major violations.

Cups, teapots, strainers and plates were all dirty, but stored as clean. The floors were still dirty. And inspectors found them preparing food while they were shut down.

"We had misunderstanding because we think we can open the next day," said Choy.

There was also moldy zucchini and live insects of an unknown species. Choy said the pests probably came in with the food during delivery.

"We don't have problem for the pest control, for the pests," said Choy. "Since I use the Ecolab, we are fine. Before, we close because the cockroach. That's why I use a lot of money to take care of that."

She promised they will do their best to stay clean and pest-free from now on.

As for imminent health hazard closures: Sammy's Pastrami on South Decatur, Farmer Boys on North Lamb and McDonald's on South Eastern were all shut down for operating with no hot water.

Cafe Noodle and all the other restaurants are back open with A grades.

Darcy Spears

Darcy Spears

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Darcy Spears is currently the Chief Investigative Reporter for Action News.