Dirty Dining: Playas De Cancun & Mr. Sandwich

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Dirty Dining: Playas De Cancun & Mr. Sandwich

By Darcy Spears. CREATED Oct 30, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- We've got a tie for the dirtiest dining and it's a doozy. From flies in the kitchen to our camera crew getting shoved out the door.

Our visit to Playas De Cancun on East Charleston starts off like any other trip to a Dirty Dining restaurant.

But things go south fast when the person in charge at the restaurant sets down the tray of food she's carrying and starts shoving.

"Please get out of here!" she shouts as she pushes the photographer and grabs Darcy Spears's shoulder, pulling her out the door.

Darcy: Ok, I need to talk to whoever's in charge for our Dirty Dining report.  Excuse you!  That was extremely rude!

They close the door and even lock us out.

Darcy: The story's gonna be on the news whether you comment or not.  We'd really like to get your comment.

As you can probably guess, they had no comment.

Playas De Cancun got a 34-demerit "C" grade at their October 15 inspection.

Inspectors had to tell a food handler to put on gloves three times before she listened to them. On top of that, she didn't wash her hands.

They also found raw hamburger, cooked beef, pineapple, dough and soup in the temperature danger zone.

Food stored in the top of the cooler was directly below a moldy, leaking fan cover.

The juicer, potato slicer and can opener were dirty.

The ceiling, wall and vents in the cooks area were greasy.

And a cooler was described as filthy.

Inspectors also found an open back door and flies in the kitchen. A theme that carried over to the other 34-demerit, "C" grade restaurant: Mr. Sandwich on Maryland Parkway across from UNLV.

The Health District's picture from the October 16 inspection shows multiple flies in Mr. Sandwich's kitchen.

And guess what we found?

Flies on the beverage hoses, this counter, that counter, the wall... We even watched one crawl around on a salad that was waiting to be served.

We talked to the manager on the phone.

Darcy on phone: Your diners right now are swatting away flies while they eat.

They close the back door after they notice that we've noticed.

Mr. Sandwich's 34-demerit "C" grade also included beef, pork and chicken that all weren't being cooled properly.

Darcy on phone: Why wasn't stuff being cooled properly?  Did they just not know what they were doing?

The manager says one employee didn't: a new hire who he admits hadn't been trained.

Inspectors also found raw meat stored uncovered in the freezer.

Raw chicken thawing in standing water.

And prepared foods including stews, stuffed banana leaves, beef and pork that were not date labeled.

Darcy on phone: They didn't know that you have to put a date label on it?  Because the inspectors have no idea if it's expired if there's no date on it.

He tells us he's planning to schedule re-inspection soon and says they're still working out the kinks of being a newly opened restaurant.

Darcy on phone: You may want to tell your employees about all these flies in here.  That is not sanitary.

We also have one closure due to an imminent health hazard.

Inspectors shut down the bar at Geisha Steak House on East Desert Inn because the floor sink was backing up liquid waste.

Employees couldn't wash their hands, and inspectors watched one employee handle dirty customer glasses, then make new drinks.

Playas De Cancun still has a C grade, and the bar at Geisha Steak House is still closed.  Neither have scheduled re-inspection yet.

Mr. Sandwich is set to be re-inspected next Tuesday.

Darcy Spears

Darcy Spears

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