Dirty Dining: Hacienda Del Rey Vegas knocked for days-old refried beans

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Dirty Dining: Hacienda Del Rey Vegas knocked for days-old refried beans

By Darcy Spears. CREATED Oct 23, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- You'd think it'd be easy enough to throw food away when it's expired. Or put date labels on stuff so you know it's fresh.

But one restaurant couldn't quite figure that out. And that's just part of what landed them on Darcy Spears' Dirty Dining report.

The Halloween-inspired cobwebs decorating Hacienda Del Rey Vegas are fake. But the scary health report is not.

The restaurant on Maryland Parkway and Vegas Valley barely avoided shutdown with a 39-demerit "C" grade.

"So we need to talk to whoever's in charge about what's going on with the health inspection," said Darcy Spears to the restaurant host.

They sent Bartender Lena Gamez out to talk to us because they said she speaks the best English.

Lena: They all speak English.  Just not good.
Darcy: Not good enough to talk to channel 13?
Lena: Yes. (she laughs)

At the October 14th inspection, the Health District found expired milk and nine-day old re-fried beans in the fridge.

Darcy: No one wants to eat beans that old.
Lena: No.  They don't.  They already fixed everything that needed to be fixed, so...

The beans and milk were thrown in the garbage after inspectors spotted them.

Darcy: Why would there be expired milk and expired food in the fridge?
Lena: I don't know what to say.
Darcy: Your guess is as good as mine?

Inspectors also found cheese and cut tomatoes at unsafe temperatures.

Carnitas were sitting out at room temperature.

The ice machine was rusty.

And a cut onion was stored on top of raw eggs.

Darcy: Like literally sitting on the eggs, which opens everything up to contamination.  Does your kitchen staff know better than that?
Lena: They should. (she laughs)

Inspectors found the soap dispenser on the ice machine, which isn't allowed because no one wants soap to land in the ice.

And the can opener blade was dirty with dried food debris.

Darcy: Which means it hadn't been cleaned in a little while.  Again, another pretty basic thing that they should know better, right?
Lena: Yes.  They should. (she laughs)
Darcy: No laughing.  It's not a funny thing, right?
Lena: No, it's not.  I'm just really nervous.

Many containers of food weren't date labeled.

And they were using household cans of Raid.

Darcy: If there's Raid handy, that typically means there's something to spray with it.  You guys see bugs back there?
Lena: I never seen any. No.

Lastly, Hacienda Del Rey Vegas was having refrigeration problems on inspection day, so they put stuff in ice baths. Inspectors reminded them that band-aid fixes like that are not allowed.

Darcy: What would you want the public to know from Hacienda Del Rey's perspective about this health inspection?
Lena: That we're getting everything fixed up and we're gonna get our A back.

The day after our visit, Hacienda Del Rey Vegas called the Health District for re-inspection. 

On Tuesday, they did get their A back, with zero demerits. 

And some other good news to report--in this batch of inspections, there were no restaurants shut down for imminent health hazards.

Darcy Spears

Darcy Spears

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Darcy Spears is currently the Chief Investigative Reporter for Action News.