Dirty Dining: Here we China A Go Go again

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Dirty Dining: Here we China A Go Go again

By Darcy Spears. CREATED Jul 31, 2013

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It's Dirty Dining deja vu as Contact 13 returns to a restaurant we featured just three months ago.

But as Chief Investigator Darcy Spears reports, this was no routine inspection.

Here we go-go again.

"We're back," Darcy Spears announced.

Back to North Las Vegas and back to China A Go Go on Ann Road and Decatur Boulevard.

Only this time, inspectors were following up on a complaint about the conditions at a place they call a "problem child."

Darcy: After only three months you're on Dirty Dining again.
Lily Kwan: I know!  I'm gonna be famous.
Darcy: You don't want to be famous for this.
Lily: I know!

Apparently dirty habits die hard.

And in some ways, China A Go Go may be even dirtier this time around.

Because this time, there were creepy crawlies. Live roaches and ants to be exact.

Darcy: Are you seeing those things crawling around in here?
Lily: No.  Everything is clean here.
Darcy: Why did you get a C grade again if everything's clean?
Lily: I don't know.

The 36-demerit "C" grade included food workers not washing their hands.

Temperature-abused foods like chicken had to be thrown out because they hadn't been properly cooled.

And the cutting board was placed somewhere you wouldn't expect to see it. Health inspectors had to tell them they're not allowed to prepare food on a trash can.

"I apologize to all the customers, sorry about all the problems," said Vincent Wang.

Let's compare the April inspection to the new one.

For starters, a wheel on their fry cart was caked with layers of dirt and grease in April, and it looked very much the same on July 17.

Darcy: It really looked like some stuff hadn't been cleaned in three months.
Lily: So far it's cleaner.  If you wanna go check it's cleaner inside.

Inside the kitchen we found that fry cart wheel. Still dirty. And so is the floor.

Darcy: There's some sort of a drain smell or a sewage smell or, I don't know, it's hard to tell where it's coming from, but it's smelly.  Do you smell that

Lily: No.

Inspectors found food stored open, unattended and subject to contamination. That's a repeat violation from April.

They found open buckets of sauce and bagged carrots stored on the dirty floor.

We found chicken, which they picked up after we reminded them that it shouldn't be on the floor.

Another repeat violation? Excessive food debris throughout the facility.

Inspectors found raw chicken stored over uncovered broccoli. And if the prospect of being doused in raw chicken juice isn't bad enough, the broccoli was also falling out of the prep table bin onto a dirty surface area.

There was also questionable ginger, food being thawed in the dirty 3-compartment sink, and a prep table was taken out of service after inspectors found all kinds of things at unsafe temperatures--from pork to beef to pineapple.

"Two table coolers cost like $8,000 and right now it's brand new, it's working, and we will get the A back soon," promised Wang.

On top of the $477 re-inspection fee, China A Go Go will have to pay an additional $118 "verified complaint fee." 

The Health District says they have not scheduled their re-inspection yet, so they've still got a C grade. 

Darcy Spears

Darcy Spears

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Darcy Spears is currently the Chief Investigative Reporter for Action News.