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Dirty Dining: Chow Mein Express on Durango

Dirty Dining: Chow Mein Express on Durango

By Daniel Gutierrez. CREATED May 2, 2012

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A valley restaurant is shut down and forced to clean up it's act. Contact 13's Tricia Kean has a look at the violations in our Dirty Dining report.

Violations included filthy conditions from top to bottom, including the mop sink which was being used to prepare food.

That's what the Southern Nevada Health District says it found at Chow Mein Express. Inspectors slapped the Chinese restaurant on South Durango Drive, near Flamingo Road, with 46 demerits. That was enough to force it to close its doors. Anything more than 40 demerits is an automatic closure.

The health report notes grease build-up and that the floors, walls and ceiling were all in need of cleaning.

The restrooms were also cited for being dirty.

In addition, there was also a list of equipment needing to be cleaned, including food containers, can opener, cutting board and the fryer. Other issues; chicken and beef were found improperly thawing and some foods were found at the wrong temperatures including chicken, shrimp, cabbage, beef and cooked noodles.

Contact 13 stopped by Chow Mein Express. We were put on the phone with the owner, but he didn't want to talk to us.

We placed several more calls after that, but could never get a response from the restaurant. The Health District tells us Chow Mein Express is back open, and operating with a 5 demerit A grade.