Former HOA board member taking Paradise Spa back to court


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Former HOA board member taking Paradise Spa back to court

By Darcy Spears. CREATED Mar 31, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- It's the HOA Hall of Shame that keeps getting more shameful. A former HOA board member who's already gone to prison for embezzlement is still fighting the HOA.

Anything resembling "paradise" is long gone from Paradise Spa.

"The property keeps and continues to go downhill. We can't do any improvements," said Board Member Mike Archambault.

The condo association on Las Vegas Boulevard South is falling apart while residents continue to foot mounting legal bills.

"Numerous hundreds of thousands in legal fees that should not have been spent if someone had just done the right thing," said Archambault.

The "someone" he's referring to is Massoud Aaron Yashouafar.

According to court records, during their tenure on the Paradise Spa HOA board, "Yashouafar and his cronies treated Paradise Spa as if it were their own little fiefdom."

They ignored HOA rules and "abused their board status by not paying their own HOA assessments."

Last year, as part of a plea deal with the Attorney General's office, Yashouafar admitted to embezzling nearly $1 million in insurance money from the HOA while serving as its treasurer.

The money was supposed to be used to repair two buildings that burned in early 2010.

Iris Hokanson lived in one of them and told us last August, "He took a lot away from people out here, and I lost my home along with a lot of people."

Because Yashouafar pocketed the insurance proceeds instead of fixing the buildings, they became a health and safety hazard and the County tore them down.

But the current Paradise Spa board saw things looking up in December.

They won a $2 million judgment and scheduled an upcoming Sheriff's sale for April 8 when they plan to sell Yashouafar's units at auction.

They thought that would be the end of it. But now, "He's going to court again to stop us from having a Sheriff's sale to collect for our judgment we have against him already," Archambault explained.

In court records, Yashouafar said he'll be irreparably harmed if the board sells off the units he owns, but what about the irreparable harm already done to the people who used to live in the buildings that once stood here?

Through his attorney, Yashouafar declined an on-camera interview.

In court records, he claims the judgment against him is "based on inaccurate and stale data."

He claims he's potentially entitled to a portion of the insurance proceeds from the units he owned that were destroyed in the fire.

"What does it say to you that he's claiming to be entitled to money that he's already pled guilty to stealing?" asked Darcy Spears.

"Well, it says to me that he's just grasping at straws," said Mike.

All the while not keeping up the condos he and his family still own.

"They have no respect for the property here," said Archambault, who said at least a dozen of Yashouafar's condos are in varying states of disrepair; broken windows, holes in the walls, even without doors.

"This goes beyond an HOA rule violation?" asked Darcy.

"Of course. This is not like, okay, you have a pair of jeans hanging on the patio," said Mike.

The obvious health and safety hazards push property values down. On top of that, he said Yashouafar refuses to pay fines levied by the HOA.

The case goes back to court Tuesday. 

Either the HOA gets the green light for their April 8 sheriff's sale, or the judge puts a halt to everything and this four-year-long battle continues. 

We will stay on the case.

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