Southern Nevada Bully Breed Rescue evicted


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Southern Nevada Bully Breed Rescue evicted

By Darcy Spears. CREATED Aug 11, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- More than 20 dogs, almost all of them Pit Bulls, lost their homes at a local rescue facility on Monday.

Southern Nevada Bully Breed Rescue gets most of its dogs from the Animal Foundation, and they don't want them to go back there.

Dogs by the dozen went from an industrial warehouse off Spring Mountain and Procyon to being stowed in cages and cars.

"I'm willing to work with you the best I can. I don't want them to go to Lied shelter either," the Constable told SNBBR Owner Charlene Baroni.

The Southern Nevada Bully Breed Rescue dogs are being sent across the valley to temporary foster homes or into boarding at the NSPCA shelter on Dewey Drive.

Volunteers scrambled to load dogs and set out supplies before being locked out as Baroni was evicted from her facility.

"I gotta get him out of this car even though the air's on. I need a leash," Baroni said as one dog was led away whimpering and panting, having trouble breathing. Baroni said she had to send it to a local animal hospital.

"And the reason he's overheated is because of all of this crap that's going on right now."

Baroni admits she was often behind on rent, "We might be late a couple of days, couple of weeks."

But she said she was working that out with the landlord, "I'm not perfect. Nobody's perfect."

She said she raised nearly $7,000 at a recent fundraiser, but former volunteers said money problems aren't new for Baroni.

"Everyone that's fund-raised for her wants to know where the money went?" said Christine Guttilla, a former volunteer who left the organization in January but was there today as the eviction unfolded.

Baroni said every penny she raises is spent on the care, shelter and feeding of the animals. She allowed our cameras inside where we found rows of kennels and a back room strewn with trash and rags.

Guttilla said things were bad when she was there.

"I was seeing dogs stacked in crates. I was leaving at 5:00 in the afternoon and coming back the next day after work at 4 in the afternoon and more than half the dogs hadn't been let out yet. I would see dogs sitting in not kennels, but crates, sitting in their urine and sitting in their feces."

Baroni told Contact 13 that Guttilla and some of her other critics are disgruntled ex-volunteers.

We also talked to a current one.

"I always stay out of the politics and the drama and the finances. I'm always here for the dogs," said Leo Olsen. "I believe that Char sometimes gets in over her head but I honestly believe that her heart's in the right place."

So far this year, county animal control has responded to three complaints against Southern Nevada Bully Breed Rescue. No citations have been issued.

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