Shoddy sidewalks showing signs of progress


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Shoddy sidewalks showing signs of progress

By Darcy Spears. CREATED Apr 11, 2014

Clark County, NV (KTNV) -- Contact 13 is helping to pave the way for a more pedestrian-friendly Clark County. Chief Investigator Darcy Spears profiles some progress in the wake of her report on shoddy sidewalks.

A lone shoe lies forgotten along an unfriendly stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard where walking for anyone is a challenge.

"It's a problem, clearly, that it's not pedestrian-friendly, that sidewalks weren't installed when we built the infrastructure and the off-site improvements, and they should have been," said County Commissioner Steve Sisolak.

Earlier this week, Contact 13 shined a spotlight on problem sidewalks throughout Clark County.

The section of Las Vegas Boulevard near the airport was the subject of a formal complaint filed with the county under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Martin Dean Dupalo, president of the Nevada Center for Public Ethics, filed the complaint.

"Either you're gonna go in the gravel or you're gonna go in the emergency lane of oncoming traffic," he explains, pointing at a strech of Las Vegas Boulevard near Sunset.

At the corner of that intersection on the west side, there are new A.D.A. accessible curbs, but no sidewalks.

"You can't just do the corners.  It doesn't serve any purpose. How does this help anybody?"

Dupalo filed his complaint in October. The county put the project out to bid in November. But work didn't begin on the sidewalks until March--after Contact 13 began investigating.

"There's no coincidence," Sisolak says.  "It's the fact that you brought it to our attention."

Within days of our story airing, new concrete sidewalks with plenty more to come along the east side of Las Vegas Boulevard between Russell and Sunset.

But that stands in stark contrast to the west side of the street, which is in Commissioner Sisolak's district.

"It's gonna be a long time to catch up.  I couldn't even estimate a date of how many years it's gonna take us to catch up but as you find ones that are extremely egregious we just ask people to bring it to our attention and we'll get crews on it and fix them as quickly as we can."

The county says they have sidewalk work going on in 13 locations as part of an ADA compliance project.

The work includes reconstructing curbs to ADA compliant sidewalk ramps; removing and replacing sidewalks along with a number of other improvements.

The project is expected to be complete in 60 days. At completion, 28,107 square feet of new sidewalk and 278 linear feet of new curb and gutter will be added.

An additional 23,255 square feet of sidewalk and 5,618 linear feet of curb and gutter will be reconstructed as part of the project.

The work includes adding more sidewalk to where existing curb and gutter ends along the east side of Las Vegas Boulevard between Russell and approx. 200 feet north of the railroad.

They also are installing sidewalk and curb ramps on the west side of Las Vegas Boulevard in front of Fire Station #11.

Additional pedestrian improvements to this section of Las Vegas Blvd are included with the Welcome to Las Vegas sign parking expansion and pedestrian crossing project.

The county will continue to work toward completing sidewalks on both sides of the street between Russell and Sunset as funding allows.

They have also started design of a new bus stop turnout at the corner of Sunset and Eastern.

Over the next two years, Clark County has an estimated $8.5 million in projects with pedestrian safety improvements in design and construction.

Pedestrian Safety Projects:

1 ADA Sidewalk Ramps - $825,000.00

2 Intersection improvements: Swenson St & Tropicana Ave - $557,000.00

3 Intersection improvements: Tamarus St & Warm Springs Rd - $50,000.00

4 Multi-Use Trail: Searchlight Cottonwood Cove Rd - $530,000.00

5 Pedestrian Bridge on Pebble at 215 Beltway - $975,000.00

6 Pedestrian Bridge over Union Pacific Railroad at Erie Avenue - $300,000.00

7 Pedestrian Flasher: Giles St & Warm Springs - $100,000.00

8 Pedestrian/School Flashers: Maryland Pkwy & Reno Ave - $400,000.00

9 Pedestrian Flasher: Buffalo Dr & Gomer Rd - $97,000.00

10 Pedestrian Flasher & Parking improvements: Welcome to Las Vegas Sign Median - $1,000,000.00

11 Traffic Signal-New: Bermuda Rd & Serene Ave - $500,000.00

12 Traffic Signal-New: Fort Apache Rd & Huntingon Cove, & Maule, & Warm Springs - $600,000.00

13 Traffic Signal Modification: Decatur Blvd & Hacienda Ave - $260,000.00

14 Traffic Signals New & Mod: Tropicana Ave & Decatur, & Lindell - $800,000.00

15 Traffic Signal-New: Patrick Ln & Rainbow Blvd - $492,000.00

Total = $8,486,000.00

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