Contact 13 volunteers help woman get new mattress


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Contact 13 volunteers help woman get new mattress

By Daniel Gutierrez. CREATED Apr 10, 2014

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A good night's rest, in the right bed, can be a dream. But one valley woman said her recent experience buying a new mattress was a nightmare.

"This is too soft. I just sink right down to the bottom and I can't move," said Beverly Linder.

She said she wasn't happy with the new mattress she bought last December, "I'd get in one spot and wouldn't move, and I have a hard time moving my body."

The other frustrating part was the $800 price tag. After putting $250 down, she was set to make monthly payments for the remaining $550, for a bed she didn't want. So after just one miserable night, she called the store to complain.

"I said, I think I got the wrong bed. I don't think they delivered the same bed I tried in the store," said Beverly.

She said the manager on the phone wasn't willing to listen. He argued that there was no mistake, and actually hung up on her, "My first and only complaint to them because after that I was scared of him. So I thought, well I guess I'm stuck with this bed."

But after two more nights, Beverly decided to move to the living room. She actually slept on her recliner for three months.

"I had to sleep on this chair. I couldn't sleep in the bed, it was too soft. I've got to have the right bed and the right sleep. I'm tired all the time," said Beverly.

Last month, she finally decided to ask a friend for advice. That friend recommended reaching out to Contact 13. Beverly spoke with our Call for Action volunteers, and after we got involved, Beverly said she got a very nice phone call from the store the very next day.

"We're going to make it right with you. We're gonna get you whatever you need," said Beverly.

She now has a new bed, and said she's sleeping better than ever, "I sleep right straight through, and sound as can be."

Here's the Contact 13 bottom line: When dealing with any company, if customer service isn't giving you the help you need, ask for a supervisor. Don't be afraid to contact the company's corporate office.

If all else fails, remember, we've got your back Southern Nevada. Contact our Call for Action volunteers at 368-2255, anytime between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., Monday through Friday.